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The YAMsession 2020
will take place in the picturesque city of Larvik, Norway. This charming seaside town, home to Thor Heyerdhal, is ready for you to explore!

Hej Ho! Let's go!

In 2020 YAMsession is teaming up once more with

Marked for Musik to bring you an amazing young audiences music event that combines the best of both worlds!

Marked for Musik is an annual Norwegian showcase that brings together more than 30 of the best up-and-coming productions from across the land! There are gonna be cultural producers/bookers from across the country joining us and mingling with the YAM folk.

YAM guests will be able to pick and choose from our regular international showcases and maybe even catch a few local hits to take home or take inspiration from.

YAM Session white.png


When must I arrive and depart?

We advise all delegates to arrive on the 19th of October

before 18:00.

The conference starts with an official opening at 20:00.


Departures are advised on the 22nd of October anytime unless you have registered for the Norwegian showcases in which case you should plan to lewave after 14:00.

Where should I stay?

In the heart of Larvik's cultural district lies Farris Bad, Norway's most exclusive spa hotel. This spa hotel has a stunning beach and ocean view, with the largest and most comprehensive spa in Nordics. International YAMsession guests are offered an exclusive package that includes accommodation and spa facilities at a HUGE discount of €130/night. Please follow the following link to book your stay and use the reservation code: MFM2020.


The Venue(s)

The YAMsession takes place in the heart of Larvik's downtown cultural district. The two main venues are:



Hammergata 24, 3264 Larvik, Norway


Larvik Kulturhus Bølgen:

Sanden 2, 3264 Larvik, Norway


How to get to Larvik


Larvik is within easy reach of Oslo city centre, of the airports near Oslo and of Denmark, by car, train and ferry.


From Oslo City Centre:

  • BY CAR: about 1 h and 30 minutes, via E 18

  • BY TRAIN: about 2 h and 10 minutes, from Oslo Central Station with R11 or R11x (direction Skien)


From Torp Airport (TRF):

  • BY CAR: 20 minutes, via E 18

  • BY TRAIN: 17 minutes by train, with R11 or R11x (direction: Skien)

For more info about the airport visit the website:


From Gardemoen Airport (OSL):

  • BY CAR: 2 h and 20 minutes, via E18

  • BY TRAIN: 2 h and 30 miunutes, with R11 (direction: Skien)

For more info about the airport visit the website:

Artists are advised to fly to the Oslo Sandefjord Torp (TRF) airport, which is only a 20minute train journey from Larvik.

Trains are direct and depart once an hour (with the exception of rush hour when they depart twice an hour). The train fare is approx. 50 euros each way from OSL.


From Hirtshals, Denmark:

  • BY FERRY: 3 h and 45 minutes, twice a day, with the Color Line International ferry cruises

For more information about the company visit the website:


Full Conference Package : Early Bird Discount  €220

* Early Bird Availbe until 1 June 2020

Full Conference Package :  €220

Full Conference Package + 22 Oct (Norwegian Showcases):  €250

Price includes lunch and dinner on the 20th and 21st of October and lunch on the 22nd for those who take the extended package.

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